Intercom vs Zendesk What are the differences?

How to Add Chat Widgets from Intercom and Zendesk and Other Platforms to Refined Sites

intercom zendesk integration

Intercom’s user interface is also quite straightforward and easy to understand; it includes a range of features such as live chat, messaging campaigns, and automation workflows. Additionally, the platform allows for customizations such as customized user flows and onboarding experiences. Zendesk’s user face is quite intuitive and easy to use, allowing customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

intercom zendesk integration

For integration with other customer support platforms we are currently targeting Freshdesk, Salesforce and Hubspot as our next platforms to integrate with. We have started working on Discord and Twitter native integration to our platform. While Zendesk incorporates live chat and messaging functionalities to facilitate proactive customer engagement, it falls short of matching Intercom’s level of personalization. ThriveDesk empowers small businesses to manage real-time customer communications.

Intercom Differentiation

As a rule, Intercom reviews are positive as many users praise the interface, the ease of use, and the deployment of the software. However, some users remarked that a developer is needed to properly install the software or run the risks of problems in the future. The Intercom Messenger, in particular, performs well compared to the Zendesk alternative.

intercom zendesk integration

As mentioned before, the bot builder is a visual drag-and-drop system that requires no coding knowledge; this is also how other basic workflows are designed. The more expensive Intercom plans offer AI-powered content cues, triage, and conversation insights. Zendesk has many amazing team collaboration and communication features, like whisper mode, which lets multiple agents chime in to help each other without the customer knowing. There is also something called warm transfers, which let one rep add contextual notes to a ticket before transferring it to another rep. You also get a side conversation tool.

IrisAgent launches on Zendesk and Intercom marketplaces!

One of Zendesk’s standout features that we need to shine a spotlight on is its extensive marketplace of third-party integrations and extensions. Imagine having the power to connect your helpdesk solution with a wide range of tools and applications that your team already uses. Whether it’s syncing data with your CRM, enhancing communication via messaging platforms, or automating tasks with productivity apps, Zendesk makes it possible. Ultimately, it’s important to consider what features each platform offers before making a decision, as well as their pricing options and customer support policies.

  • Zendesk’s user face is quite intuitive and easy to use, allowing customers to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Once you enable the integration in the Dashboard Zendesk will be available as an additional Action whenever you build any Chameleon Experience.
  • When it comes to integrations, Zendesk and Intercom both offer diverse possibilities, but here, Zendesk takes the lead.
  • Zendesk directly competes with Intercom when it comes to integrations.

It comes with a Business Messenger, Outbound Messaging, comprehensive reports, and chatbots that you can use for sales and marketing. In a recent study, 97% of global consumers said customer service is an important factor in their choice of brand. There are several ways you can improve your customer service capabilities, but customers are increasingly looking for and expecting live chat.

ThriveDesk: An Alternative Helpdesk Solution

However, I do recommend Intercom for eCommerce stores that may need to integrate the features with their store. It enables you to get quality product feedback from the right customers at the right time through the app or by email. Both Zendesk Chat and Intercom have a free trial available and a freemium model to test out which chat service will work best for your company. World-class customer service outsourcing for businesses of all sizes.

intercom zendesk integration

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