8 Virtual Icebreakers for Remote Meetings

Ask a question like, “What do you think is the most important aspect of our customer service?” and ask everyone to quickly go to their chat and enter a one-to-five-word answer. By doing this exercise, you will not only know your team members are still there, but you will have engaged them and received useful feedback. When facilitating introductions or breaking the ice initially in a meeting, help participants get to know each other by sharing a brief fun fact or a funny story.

Bring it back by sharing the game on your screen and asking everyone to pitch a guess. Many parents pick a few names for their future children and talk about them later on. Ask everyone what their parents almost named them or what they wanted their name to be as a kid. If someone doesn’t have an answer to either question, they can also talk about their childhood nickname. Everyone can say one thing their families celebrated during any time of the year to reminisce about some of their favorite memories. Encourage everyone to talk about a board game they loved playing as a kid.

Why check-ins should be part of your team meeting culture

The coworking spaces at Bond Collective are the perfect solution. If you’re running the meeting from your home or apartment, position the camera so that it captures as little of your living space as possible — a blank or sparsely decorated wall is icebreakers for virtual meetings best. If the participants have been there or done that, have them raise their hand. Then ask one or two individuals to tell the group about their experience. To make this game more challenging, choose specific topics, like ’80s action movies.

This social icebreaker game bypasses small talk and helps your employees get to know each other on a deeper level. Want to check in with your group but don’t want to get caught up in a time-consuming game? Draw Your Mood is a unique, creative way of gauging employee moods before a virtual meeting. Charades are another classic, but this game is undoubtedly more fun when played outdoors. There’s enough space for your team members to be as creative as necessary to explain their word, movie, book, object, TV show.

Tips for effective virtual icebreakers

If you can’t take advantage of icebreakers for virtual meetings, don’t sweat it! Icebreakers are an effective way to create a positive and engaging atmosphere at the beginning of meetings, encouraging communication and collaboration. In this blog post, we will explore how icebreakers can be used to break down barriers, build stronger relationships and spark creativity in meetings. Making sure everyone in a meeting feels comfortable is essential to a productive conversation.

  • Another team member might reveal a bag of MnMs since they eat chocolate every day.
  • As your group story continues, it will get more ridiculous and laughable.
  • Many parents pick a few names for their future children and talk about them later on.
  • It can be MODIFIED to work with any group and/or topic (just change the questions).
  • Some icebreakers are best reserved for team members who have worked together before.
  • Icebreaker questions allow your team to interact better and are particularly helpful to new and shy members.

It’s a communication-based team-building exercise that gets everyone warmed up over a silly exercise. Ask your coworkers what they’ve been binging on a favorite streaming service or seeing at the movie theater. Other coworkers will likely enjoy the same things and chime in excitedly. If you really want to make it fun, ask people to share a show or movie they like but feel a little embarrassed about.


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